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9 ways to help the bees!

Pollinators need help. Fortunately, we know how to help them! If we all make a small effort, then we will be able to change the future for pollinators and ensure their welfare and our planet's survival.


Let wildflowers and weeds grow. They are the favorite food of the bees!


Reduce mowing. Mow every 6 weeks  starting from April to allow flowers like clover to grow and provide food for pollinators. 


Plant as many wildflowers as you can!


Leave bare soil for nsting. Most of our bees need bare soil to nest. 


Don't Spray. The overuse of herbicites is making it difficult for pollinators to find enough food for pollinators.


Buy organic products ( for you and for the bees!)


Make your own BEE SPOT with our help!


Become a volunteer with our team!


Spread the word!


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